Questions and Answers about QECO

What is QECO?

QECO is the Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario (COEQ –  Le Conseil Ontarien d’Évaluation des Qualifications). It is the organization that provides and administers the evaluation of teacher qualifications for salary purposes.

QECO was founded in 1969 by ETFO’s predecessor organizations – the Federation of Women Teachers’ Associations of Ontario (FWTAO) and the Ontario Public School Teachers’ Federation (OPSTF) – in partnership with the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA) and L’Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO).

What does QECO have to do with your salary?

The QECO program of evaluation is recognized by the teachers’ unions and all school boards in Ontario for inclusion in their local collective agreements. Teachers are given a Statement of Evaluation which is accepted by their school board for placement on the salary grid.

QECO does not negotiate wage rates. That is done by your Federation. But it does determine whether you have the qualifications to achieve a placement beyond Category A1 on the salary grid.

A QECO evaluation may result in one of four category placements: Category A1 through Category A4, depending on individual academic criteria.

How does it work?

QECO is made up of the Evaluation Council and the QECO Office. Members of the Evaluation Council are practicing teachers appointed by the three union Affiliates, ETFO, OECTA and AEFO. The Evaluation Council recommends policies and procedures governing the evaluation of qualifications. The QECO Office includes staff who evaluate teacher qualifications, respond to member requests for approval of courses for upgrading, answer inquiries and maintain files of submitted documentation.

How do you apply?

You can apply in writing or on the web. If you wish to apply via the web, please visit If you have not already registered with QECO, you will be asked to do so.

If you wish to apply in writing, you can download the relevant application forms here:

If you are a student, please click here for an application form. Please click here for an application guide.

If this is your initial application, please click here (or visit

If this is your initial application as an internationally educated teacher, please click here and visit

If you are making your initial application for Technological Studies, please click here.

If you are already working as a teacher, please click here.

Please check the QECO web site at for the most up to date versions of the application forms.

When should you apply?

You should apply as soon as possible. QECO recommends that if you a practicing teacher and are not in Category A4, you apply for an upgrade every year. If you are a student, you should apply during your final year of studies.

How long does it take?

The evaluation process takes an average of 12 weeks – if you submit complete and accurate supporting documentation.

What supporting documentation will you need?

Supporting documentation includes:

• a copy of your valid certification from the Ontario College of Teachers.

• copies of university transcripts bearing the university’s logo.

• documentation proving completion of any additional courses.

• proof of employment.

• translation of any documents not written in English or French.

Rules and Regulations

Please click here for a copy of Program 5, the rules and regulations which govern QECO’s evaluations.

More Information

For more information on QECO, please visit their web site at

Or contact them in writing at

Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario
1300 Yonge Street, Suite 308
Toronto ON M4T 1X3

Or by telephone at

Local: (416) 323-1969
Toll Free in Ontario: 1 (800) 385-1030

Email inquiries are not available. Please note that QECO will not respond to requests about information on individual applications by telephone.